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“The Devil Among Us”
John 6:70-71 & Luke 22:1-6,47-48
March 19, 2023
Banks are failing and people are worried.
There are many upright and honest people in the banking sector, but there are devils mixed in among them.
There was a devil among the Twelve that Jesus chose to be His disciples.
No one recognized the devil among them by the works that he did.
Prophesying in Jesus’ name, driving out demons and performing many miracles does not mean that someone is saved.
Judas was given authority to do them and Satan still entered into him.
Judas was hiding the truth even as he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
The evil that devils like Judas Iscariot do blinds us to God and what He is doing.
Jesus loved Judas even though Judas did not love Him.
Jesus loves us the same way.
Don’t let the devils among us turn you away from Jesus.