2023 Messages


“To Gather the Nations”

Isaiah 66:15-24

December 31, 2023

The day that Jesus returns is going to be a very bad day for our world.

Our disobedient and rebellious actions bring destruction upon us.

Our imaginations lead us into disobedience and rebellion.

Delusion is the fruit of believing my imagination.

Imagination convinces us that we have a great relationship with Jesus when He doesn’t even know us.

I am trusting my imagination when I consider myself to be a saint even though I am doing the same things as the people who are disobeying and rebelling against God.

The final step to destruction is to participate in acts of disobedience with the rebellious.

The good news is that there will be survivors.

God will send some of the survivors to gather His people from all the nations and present them as an offering to the Lord.

14 So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. 2 Peter 3:14 (New International Version)


“A Light Has Dawned”

Isaiah 9:2-7

December 24, 2023

We live in darkness here in this world.

We celebrate at Christmas because God has sent a great light to shine in the darkness.

The light appeared as a child.

The child will reign.

The child will increase peace.

The child will establish and uphold justice and righteousness.

The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.

Jesus is the light that has dawned in the darkness.


“Rallying to the Banner”

Isaiah 11:1-12

December 17, 2023

God has provided a unique banner for all of His people to rally to here in this world.

The banner that the nations will rally to is a shoot from the root of Jesse.

The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon the banner.

The banner will not judge people the way that the world judges.

The banner will bring an end to harm and destruction.

He will gather and assemble His chosen people.

Jesus is the banner of God.


“A Covenant for the People”

Isaiah 49:5-13

December 10, 2023

A common modern term for a covenant is an “End-user License Agreement”.

The Bible contains a record of how poorly human beings have done in keeping a covenant with God.

The Bible gives us the opportunity to learn from both the good and bad examples of the past.

God wants to live in a covenant relationship with us more than we want to live in a covenant relationship with Him.

Isaiah 49 is a covenant between the heavenly Father and Jesus to make a new covenant.

Are you living by Jesus’ covenant?


“Come, Let Us Go”

Isaiah 2:2-5

December 3, 2023

Disputes happen every day.

God is going to settle all of our disputes.

Instead of harming each other the elect will work to feed each other.

The elect will all follow God’s ways and walk in His paths.

Our disputes are proof that we are not walking in God’s ways.

Jesus taught us God’s ways!

It is a lot easier to do what people teach me than it is to do what God teaches me.

When I listen to my sinful nature the person I do the most harm to is myself.

Isaiah’s invitation to God’s chosen people was to walk together in the light of the LORD.


“A New Kingdom”

Revelations 11:15-18

November 26, 2023

Are you happy with the way our world is going?

The Lord is going to reign over the kingdom of this world.

Everyone who belongs in God’s kingdom will give thanks to Him for taking His great power and reigning over the world.

Everyone else is filled with anger.

People who destroy things here will not be allowed in the new kingdom.

In Matthew 4:14 NIV the preaching of Jesus is summed up in one sentence, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”


This is the audio recording and outline of the most recent sermon:

“My Rock”
Psalm 28:1-9
November 19, 2023
David was crying for mercy.
David did not want to end up with the wicked.
Words may be deceiving but actions always match the contents of the heart.
When we harm people we are mistreating the works of God.
God brings our deeds back upon us.
When I respect the works of God I treat other people the way that I want to be treated.
I need God’s mercy just as much as David did.
God provides me with a rock to stand upon.


“What We Know”
2 Corinthians 4:3-18
November 12, 2023

We know that God raised Jesus from the dead.
We know that God will also raise everyone who loves the light to eternal life.
We know that God reveals the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in jars of clay.
We know that hope comes from fixing our eyes on the things that are unseen.
We know that thanksgiving overflows to God as the grace of Jesus Christ spreads.


“The Good Shepherd”
John 10:11-18
November 5, 2023

Jesus is the only one who laid down His life for us and took it up again.
Jesus is the only one who protects us when the wolf attacks.
Jesus is the only one who gathers us into one flock with one shepherd.
Do you know Jesus’ voice?
Have you joined the Good Shepherd’s flock?


“To Be Confident and Unashamed”
1 John 2:28-3:10
October 29, 2023

When was the last time you did something that you were ashamed of doing?
God has lavished an incredible amount of love on us.
He reminds us that we are all a work in progress.
We make every effort to become more and more like Jesus as we wait for Him to appear.
When I see and know Jesus I purify myself just as Jesus is pure.
The children of the devil are not like the children of God.
Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil.
The more that I see Jesus living in me the more confidence I have that I am preparing for His return.
Are you preparing to be confident and unashamed when Jesus returns?


“Preparing for the Day”
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
October 22, 2023

Destruction comes when people are proclaiming peace and safety.
Jesus is going to return as suddenly as and unexpectedly as destruction falls upon us.
We prepare for the day when the Lord will return by being alert and self-controlled.
People who are self-controlled grow in faith, hope and love.
Faith is who we believe, not what we believe.
Hope grows from faith.
A fatalistic attitude is the opposite of hope!
Love grows from faith and hope.
The goal is to love each other as God loves us.
The more that I grow in faith, hope and love the more that I encourage and build others up in faith, hope and love.
Everyone who is prepared will rejoice in our salvation when the Lord appears.


“The Lord Knows How”
2 Peter 2:1-11
October 15, 2023

False teachers secretly introduce destructive heresies.
Heresies are destructive because they turn us away from the truth.
Heresies give us permission to follow the corrupt desire of the sinful nature.
Heresies give us permission to despise authority.
False teachers and prophets turn people away from the way of truth and they turn people against the way of truth,
Christianity is a way of living that sets those who believe the truth apart from those who do not follow it.
When we follow the way of truth we are distressed and tormented by the lawless deeds we see and hear.
The Lord knows how to rescue the righteous from trials.
The Lord knows how to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment.
I can make peace with God now or I can be condemned later.


“A Good Measure”
Luke 6:37-42
October 8, 2023

Jesus taught, “Do not judge”.
When I judge others God judges me.
When I condemn others then God condemns me.
The telltale sign that I am judging and condemning others is that I exalt myself.
If I exalt myself above my teacher then I will never be fully trained.
The cure for judging and condemning others is to give and forgive.
God gives to me the way that I give to others and God forgives me the way that I forgive others.
Have you mastered the skills of giving and forgiving?


“Faithful in God’s House”
Luke 12:42-48
October 1, 2023

Stewardship is the faithful and responsible management of all of the resources entrusted to our care.
God has put every member of His house in charge of doing something for the other members of His house.
God is just as concerned with “when” we do things as He is with “what” we do.
The more that is entrusted to us the more that God will be demand of us.
When I am faithful and wise in distributing earthly things then God puts me in charge of greater things.
God is the “Provider”, not the “Depriver”.
God loves all of His servants, not just a select few of His servants.
Unfaithful people do what pleases themselves instead of doing what God has assigned for them to do.
If I join the unfaithful then I will be punished the same way that they are punished.
The manager in this parable was assigned a place with unbelievers after he had been punished.
Jesus is returning at a day and hour we do not expect.
Are we being faithful in God’s house?


“Faithful in the Covenant”
Jeremiah 31:31-34
September 24, 2023

We want the good things that come from Him (God) but we don’t want to keep our end of the bargain.
God was always Israel’s God but the Israelites were not always God’s people.
God did not give up.
God promised to make a new covenant with them that they would be able to keep.
The new covenant is God’s work of forgiveness and sanctification.
Sanctification is the result of having God’s law within me.
God’s law trains me to know the Lord.
People who live by God’s law cannot be separated from God.
People who are included in the new covenant live in Jesus.
When God’s law is within me Jesus is everything to me!


“Faithful in Your House”
Luke 16:9-12
September 17, 2023

Does God care about children’s toys that are left in the street all night?
God may not care about the toy but Jesus told us that He cares about how we treat it.
God rewards people who are trustworthy and honest with worldly wealth.
God gives bigger things to people who prove trustworthy and honest in caring for little things.
God rewards people who prove trustworthy and honest in caring for the belongings of others.
If I am going to ask God to protect and bless my work and possessions then I better protect and bless the work and possessions of others.
People who are trustworthy and honest with worldly possessions gain friends in heaven.
People who gain friends in heaven will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.
Are you winning friends in heaven because of the way that you use worldly possessions?


This is the audio recording and outline of the most recent sermon:

“Faithful in My House”
Luke 12:13-21, 29-34
September 10, 2023
Our scripture lesson today is about a man who was discontent and unhappy.
We were created to care for God’s creation, not to accumulate wealth.
Jesus pointed out that greed is the sin that drives discontentment over wealth.
Greedy people want to grab and keep everything for themselves.
Greed turns us into fools.
Worried people accumulate possessions the same way that greedy people do.
Worrying makes me just as deaf and blind to God as greed does.
The cure for greed and worry is to give to the poor.
When I am faithful to God I am free to give away my possessions.
Faithful people trust God.


“The Power of God”
Colossians 2:6-15
September 3, 2023

It has been reported that belief in God has hit a new low here in the USA.
Why do we believe in and live for God when most of the people in our world do not believe that God exists?
Jesus is the head over every power and authority.
God displayed His power by making us alive with Jesus even though we were dead in our sins.
God displayed His power by forgiving all of our sins.
God displayed His power by canceling the written code that opposed and condemned us.
The power of God has been offered to all of us, but it only works in people who receive Jesus and live in Him.
Is His power at work in you?


“Living a Godly Life”
2 Timothy 3:10-17
August 27, 2023

Sin is like leaven, a small amount works its way through an entire batch of dough.
Sin thrives among people who deceive and are deceived.
Godliness is the opposite of sin and deceit.
Godliness begins when the holy Scriptures make me wise for salvation though faith in Jesus.
Godliness grows as I am taught, rebuked, corrected and trained by the holy Scriptures.
Godliness produces fruit that everyone can see.
Godliness is triumphant even though it suffers at the hands of evil men and impostors.


“Trained to be Godly”
1 Timothy 4:1-10
August 20, 2023

Scammers are targeting grieving family members after a loved one has died.
These scammers have consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.
Timothy and others were dealing with many people who play acted without a conscience nearly 2000 years ago.
They spread godless myths, old wives’ tales and things taught by demons.

Good teaching reveals the truths of the faith.
Good teaching produces hope in the living God who is the savior of all men.
Good teaching reminds me to consecrate everything by the word of God and prayer.
Good teaching increases my thanksgiving for the good things I receive.
Good teaching frees me to train myself in godliness.
Godliness has value for this present life and the life to come.

Are you training yourself in godliness?


“Our Obligation”
Romans 8:1-14
August 13, 2023
Are people released from prison so they can go out and commit more crimes?
Did Jesus Christ set me free from sin and death so I can commit more sins?
The sinful mind is hostile to God.
The sinful mind does not submit to God’s law.
Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.
This letter to Christians says that everyone who lives by the sinful nature will die.
The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.
Those who live according to the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.
Those who live according to the Spirit put to death the misdeeds of the body.
Those who live according to the Spirit are children of God.
This letter to Christians says that everyone who lives by the Spirit will live.
My obligation to God is to live according to the Spirit because Jesus has set me from sin.


“Avoiding Judgment”
1 Corinthians 11:23-32
August 6, 2023
In the end there is only one judgment that matters and that is God’s judgment.
God is going to condemn everyone who follows the ways of this world.
Believers are judged and disciplined by the Lord so we will not be condemned with the world.
God’s discipline teaches us to judge ourselves correctly.
God sets limits in how far believers can go astray.
I avoid judgment by judging myself as God judges me.
Are you avoiding judgment or bringing judgment upon yourself?


“The Object of Our Thoughts”
Hebrews 3:1-6
July 30, 2023
Deceit is the proof that we have turned away from God.
Faithfulness is the proof that our thoughts fixed upon Jesus.
Moses and Jesus are the two classic examples of faithfulness.
They did all that God appointed them to do.
Both of them had the courage to remain faithful even though they faced the aggressive opposition of sinful men.
Both of them held onto the hope that God had set before them.
Moses and Jesus both did what God appointed them to do.
Courage and hope are as essential to our faithfulness as they were to the faithfulness of Moses and Jesus.
We grow in courage and hope by keeping our thoughts fixed upon Jesus.
I choose what my thoughts are fixed upon.
Is Jesus the object of your thoughts?


“Following the Shepherd”
1 Peter 2:13-25
July 23, 2023
The people we follow influence us and our decisions.
Whoever we follow is leading us somewhere and the most important question is “Where?”
Peter reminds us that political leaders, foolish men and harsh bosses turn many people away from following Jesus.
I know that I am not following Jesus when I do the things Peter mentioned in this passage.
God calls us to return to following Jesus when we go astray.
I am following Jesus when I do the things Jesus did.
Who are you following today?


“Every Spoken Word”
Matthew 12:22-37
July 16, 2023
People pretend to be something that they are not all of the time.
Jesus taught; 33 “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit. Matthew 12:33 NIV
The more that I hear evil the more likely it is that there will be evil in my heart.
The more that I see evil the more likely it is that there will be evil in my heart.
The more evil that is done to me the more likely it is that there will be evil in my heart.
When I accurately judge my own words and actions I detect the evil within my heart.
When I fill my heart with good things then I do and say good things.
There is a day coming when our words will determine whether we will be vindicated or condemned.


“Overcoming Evil”
Romans 12:19-21
July 9, 2023
We recognize evil by what it does.
Evil finds an opportunity to overcome me whenever love is fake and false.
Evil finds an opportunity to overcome me whenever someone does evil to me.
Evil finds an opportunity to overcome me whenever I am proud.
Evil finds an opportunity to overcome me whenever I am conceited.
We must do many things to overcome evil.
Vengeance and judgment belong to God.
You can still defeat evil even if it has won some victories over you.


“Being Declared Righteous”
Romans 2:11-16
July 2, 2023

Those who obey the law will be declared righteous.
God does not show favoritism.
No one will be allowed to claim ignorance as the excuse for their disobedience.
All of our secrets will be revealed during the final judgment.
I do not expect to be declared righteous because I am guilty of disobeying God’s law.
God sent a Savior to atone for our disobedience.
Your disobedience will be forgiven if you humble yourself before God, confess your sins and ask for His forgiveness.

“Doing What Is Lawful”
Matthew 12:1-14
June 25, 2023

The Pharisees were meticulous in enforcing the smallest details of the law.
God only gave a few laws that are punishable by death and failing to keep the Sabbath law is the one that is repeated the most.
Jesus reminded the Pharisees that a greater law overruled the Sabbath law in this instance.
When the Pharisees acted without mercy they condemned the innocent.
Later the same day they asked Jesus a question in order to trap Him, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?” Matthew 12:10 NIV
One of the exceptions to the Sabbath law that God allowed was the rescuing of a lamb.
Jesus pointed out that people are more valuable than animals like sheep.
Being hateful, malicious and vindictive toward someone else is proof that I am not doing what pleases God.
When I am merciful to others I am doing what is lawful.


“Gifts from the Father”
Matthew 7:7-12
June 18, 2023
When the best people you have ever known are compared to God it is apparent that God is good and the best of the best of us are evil.
We can expect more from God than we can from people.
Jesus taught us four things that we can do to receive more good gifts from God.
The first thing to do to receive good gifts from God is to ask.
The second thing to do to receive good gifts from God is to seek.
The third thing to do to receive good gifts from God is to knock.
The fourth thing to do to receive good gifts from God is fulfill the Law and the Prophets.
Do you want to receive good gifts from the Father?


“To See Many Good Days”
Psalm 34:11-22
June 11, 2023

People who fear the Lord follow the path that leads to many good days.
Speaking evil is a whirlpool that will suck us in and hold us until we drown in it.
Speaking lies leads me to the same kinds of days that speaking evil does.
People who want to see many good days turn from evil and do good.
People who want to see many good days pursue and seek after peace.
People who want to see many good days take refuge in God.
Every day that God answers my prayers is a good day.
When God is not answering my prayers I guard my mouth more closely to keep evil and lies far from it.
When God is not answering my prayers I devote myself to doing more good for others.
When God is not answering my prayers I devote myself to seeking and pursuing peace.
When God is not answering my prayers I make sure that I am taking refuge in Him.
God wants to give us good days and He has shown us how to receive them.


“To Do Good”
Galatians 6:1-10
June 4, 2023
Have you heard about the churches who are buying up large amounts of medical debt so they can forgive it?
Spiritual people do good by restoring those who are caught in sin.
When I restore someone caught in sin I am Jesus’ partner in doing good.
There are some people that I am not spiritual enough to restore because I cannot restore them gently.
There are some people that I am not spiritual enough to restore because they tempt me to sin.
Spiritual people do good by testing their own actions without comparing themselves to others.
Spiritual people do good by carrying their own load.
Spiritual people also do good by carrying the burdens of others.
Spiritual people are careful not to become weary and give up.
Spiritual people do good to all people when they have the opportunity to do so.
We will all reap what we sow.
Whether I sow to please the flesh or to please the Holy Spirit I am planting a seed that is going to bear a harvest that is 10, 20, 40, 100 or more times what I have sown.
The fruit of the seeds that we sow now will feed us for all of eternity.


“When the Day of Evil Comes”
Ephesians 6:10-18
May 28, 2023

I will be using the Galatian Churches as an example.
The Galatian churches were under attack by men who seemed to be important.
The churches needed to stop listening to and following the deceivers, but defeating them would not win the battle.
When we are focused upon flesh and blood opponents we are constantly blind sided by our real enemies.
The real enemies are the rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
We battle spiritual enemies by taking a stand against the devil’s schemes.
Paul reminded the Ephesians to put on the full armor of God, so that they would be able to stand their ground when the day of evil comes.
The devil won the first day of evil by separating the Galatians from the truth.
The devil won the first day of evil by convincing the Galatians to remove the breastplate of righteousness.
The devil won the first day of evil by separating the Galatians from the gospel of peace.
The devil won the first day of evil by separating the Galatians from faith.
The devil won the first day of evil by separating the Galatians from salvation.
The devil won the first day of evil by using the word of God against the Galatians.
The devil won the first day of evil by separating the Galatians the Holy Spirit.
The devil won the first day of evil by completely disarming the Galatian churches.
Another day of evil was coming and whether the Ephesians stood or fell depended upon whether or not they were prepared, whether they were alert and how they prayed.
Are you one of the ones who is prepared, alert and praying so that you will stand and continue to stand when the day of evil comes?


“Plans and Purposes”
Psalm 33:4-11
May 21, 2023

Psalm 33:4-11 reminds me of five things that always accompany living for God.
1. The word of the Lord is right and true.
2. God is steadfast, responsible and true in all that He does.
3. God loves righteousness.
4. God loves justice.
5. We are all surrounded by God’s unfailing love wherever we go.
Here are five reasons why our neighbors do not believe in God:
1. Christians argue against the word of the Lord.
2. Christians act as if God is unfaithful.
3. Christians do not love righteousness.
4. Christians do not love justice.
5. God’s unfailing love is not evident in Christians.
When our plans and purposes match God’s plans and purposes people see the difference.
Whose plans and purposes are you following?


“I Will Go”
Esther 4:5-17
May 14, 2023

God relies upon volunteers to do His work here on earth.
God chooses the unlikely to do His work.
God steers the lives of those He chooses in directions most would not choose for themselves.
Many who serve God do so at great risk to themselves.
It is always easier to risk when we have the support of God’s people just as Esther did.
The cost for refusing to serve God is to no longer be included in His plan.
Did God form you for a purpose?


“The Benefits of Grace”
Romans 6:15-23
May 7, 2023

Grace is receiving what we do not deserve.
One of the benefits of grace is freedom from the penalties of the law.
Obeying sin is easy.
We are all weak in our natural selves.
Sin uses the law to enslave us.
Sin increases as we continue to obey it.
God sets us free from sin and gives us a new heart so that we can wholeheartedly obey Him.
We reap the fruit of holiness when we sow the seeds of obedience to God.
Satan tricks us into planting the seeds of sin instead of the seeds of obedience.
Romans 6:15-23 NIV 23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Has God’s gift of grace set you free from slavery to sin?
Will you live forever with the Lord?


“Made for this Purpose”
2 Corinthians 5:1-10
April 30, 2023

God made us for a purpose and we will all be judged according to how well we did in fulfilling His purpose.
People who live for God’s purpose live for what is coming, not for what we see now.
Sin separates us from God’s purpose and disqualifies us from receiving His reward.
God sent His Son Jesus to redeem us from sin and death so we can return to living for His purpose.
God will fulfill His purpose by replacing our mortal body with an immortal body when Jesus returns.
The Holy Spirit is proof that we will receive an immortal body from God.
The seal of the Holy Spirit gives us the confidence to continue to live to fulfill God’s purpose among people who are bearing the wrong fruit.
We are all going to receive what is due to us for the deeds we have done in the body.
Those who agree with God and live according to His purpose will receive forgiveness and a home with God.
Will you be one of the ones who is living for God’s purpose until Jesus returns?


“Overcoming the World”
1 John 5:1-4
April 23, 2023

If I am a Christian then I love God.
People who love God love the children of God whether they are walking with God or they have wandered away from Him.
People who love God obey His commands.
People who love God overcome the world.


“The Gift of Victory”
1 Corinthians 15:42-58
April 16, 2023

Christians don’t win the victory, Christians receive victory as a gift from God.
God’s command is to stand firm and let nothing move us.
Standing firm is trusting God to do what He says He will do even though the outcome of standing firm looks disastrous to us.
God does not abandoned those who stand firm for Him.
We stand firm in the Lord by giving ourselves fully to the work of the Lord.
Our labor for the Lord is not in vain.
Paul reminds us that Jesus has already won the victory.
His love for me gives me the confidence to stand firm until He gives me the gift of victory.


“Of First Importance”
1 Corinthians 15:2-11
April 9, 2023
What is the most important thing in your life?
The most important thing in the Apostle Paul’s life was the gospel that saved him.
The grace of God makes us what we are just like it made the Apostle Paul was what He was.
There is one gospel by which we are saved.
The most important part of the gospel is that Jesus Christ died for our sins, He was buried and He was raised on the third day.
We believe that Jesus rose from the dead because we believe the testimony of those who saw Him.
We are saved if we hold firmly to the word preached to us, otherwise, we have believed in vain.
If the most important thing in your life cannot raise you from the dead then it is time to change priorities.


“The Shouting Crowd”
Mark 11:7-11; 15:6-14
April 2, 2023

The biblical record clearly shows that most of God’s people have been wrong most of the time.

There are times when the crowd is right.

The crowd that is right on Sunday can be wrong on Friday.

We are the ones who must discern when the shouting crowd is right and when it is wrong.

Either we stand firm when the shouting crowd is wrong or we are swept away in its error like everyone else.

How do you respond to the shouting crowd?


“Being Led Astray”
Galatians 2:1-21
March 26, 2023

Peter was one of the pillars of the church but he is most remembered for his missteps.
Peter went astray because he trusted and followed his own understanding.
In Galatia Peter went astray because he gave in to peer pressure.
Unfortunately, others followed Peter in going astray.
Peer pressure is powerful and dangerous.
Peer pressure always leads us astray.
I know that I am experiencing peer pressure when I feel the need to justify myself.
I know that I have given in to peer pressure when I do things to justify myself.
I know that I have gone astray when I join those who are pressuring other people.
When I live by faith I do not give in to people who are pressuring me for a moment.
Who is leading you?


“The Devil Among Us”
John 6:70-71 & Luke 22:1-6,47-48
March 19, 2023
Banks are failing and people are worried.
There are many upright and honest people in the banking sector, but there are devils mixed in among them.
There was a devil among the Twelve that Jesus chose to be His disciples.
No one recognized the devil among them by the works that he did.
Prophesying in Jesus’ name, driving out demons and performing many miracles does not mean that someone is saved.
Judas was given authority to do them and Satan still entered into him.
Judas was hiding the truth even as he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
The evil that devils like Judas Iscariot do blinds us to God and what He is doing.
Jesus loved Judas even though Judas did not love Him.
Jesus loves us the same way.
Don’t let the devils among us turn you away from Jesus.


“A Fallen King”
1 Kings 3:3,5-14 & 1 Kings 11:4, 9-13
March 12, 2023

Solomon started out well because he followed the example of his father, King David.
Solomon’s start wasn’t perfect.
King Solomon saw and spoke with God.
God gave King Solomon unequaled wisdom and discernment.
King Solomon failed because he listened to members of his family instead of listening to God.
King Solomon made the worst decision that any of us can make when he refused to repent.
People who love God repent and return to Him.
King Solomon died as a villain because his heart was not fully devoted to God.
The decisions we make throughout our lives determine whether or not we will end life as heroes of faith or as villains.


“A King Will Reign”
Isaiah 32:1-8
March 5, 2023

We cannot agree upon what is right let alone enforce it throughout society.
God’s solution is to send a king who will reign in righteousness.
This king will transform the people of his kingdom.
The citizens of his kingdom will be safe, trustworthy and refreshing.
The citizens of his kingdom are noble and respectful.
The citizens of his kingdom have opened eyes and opened ears.
The citizens of his kingdom will not praise fools and scoundrels.
The citizens of his kingdom will stand because they make noble plans and do noble deeds.
Do we serve this king?


“Unfailing Love”
Isaiah 54:7-13 NIV
February 26, 2023

Lent is a season for Christians to humble themselves and seek the presence of the Lord.
God was not with His people because they had provoked His anger.
God’s love does not fail.
Because of His unfailing love God will bring His people back when we wander away.
Because of His unfailing love God will teach the children of His people.
Because of His unfailing love God will make a covenant of peace with those who learn from Him.
Jesus came to fulfill this prophecy.
We are the recipients of God’s unfailing love when we believe in Jesus.


“Faithful Forever”
Psalm 146:1-10
February 19, 2023

All of us experience trials, troubles and distresses.
Where does our help come from?
The people that God helps are blessed.
God does not help the wicked.
God is faithful forever.


“Believing Love”
John 3:1-21
February 12, 2023

Nicodemus was among the people who judged controversies.
There was a conflict between what Nicodemus understood and what Jesus said.
What Nicodemus understood was much less than what God had revealed.
What Nicodemus did not understood was preventing him from believing what Jesus told him.
If Nicodemus believed the message of love then he could believe in Jesus before he understood everything Jesus taught.
God sent His Son to save the world because He loves all of us.
Whoever believes in God’s Son is not condemned.
Whoever does not believe in God’s Son is already condemned.
What we do not understand can prevent us from believing just as it prevented Nicodemus from believing.
Do we believe God’s love when our understanding fails?


“The Lord Is My Portion”
Lamentations 3:19-33
February 5, 2023

Have any discouraging things happened to you this week?
Jeremiah’s soul was downcast when he remembered the things that people had done to him.
The Lord’s great love upheld Jeremiah.
People could say whatever they wanted but the Lord was still Jeremiah’s portion.
Jeremiah reminds us that there are five things we can do to speed up the arrival of the salvation of the Lord:
1. We eagerly expect the Lord to do good as we seek Him.
2. We sit alone in silence as we wait for the salvation for the Lord.
3. We bear the yoke that is upon us.
4. We let others strike us.
5. We are filled with disgrace.
Jeremiah knew that God didn’t call him then throw him away.
The Lord is our portion when we do things His way.


“Blessed Forever”
2 Samuel 7:18-29
January 29, 2023

How many of the things that you see will last forever?
God is the only source of things that last forever.
God makes forever promises to people.
There is no one like God.
God does things according to His will.
God reveals great things to His servants.
God’s words are trustworthy.
God blesses His servants forever.
Everyone who lives for Jesus can share in His forever blessing.


“Perfect Ways and Flawless Words”
Psalm 18:20-36
January 22, 2023

God is the source of perfect ways and flawless words.
Different people see different things from God.
Seeing God isn’t enough to save us.
Only the humble are saved but people with haughty eyes will be brought low.
God is the only one who can make my way perfect.
The key to having perfect ways is to listen to the One who has perfect ways.


“Grace Changes Everything”
Romans 5:19-6:14
January 15, 2023

Sin convinces us to use an erroneous standard of measurement in order to deceive us.
The law was given to us to correct our standards of measurement.
The law is not the cure for sin.
The more that we disobey the law the more that sin increases.
Grace is the cure for sin.
Grace doesn’t stop evil desires, it gives us the victory over them.
Grace frees us from slavery to sin, it does not free us to continue to sin.
Grace changes us so that we can obey God
Have you been changed by grace?


“Called From Darkness to Light”
1 Peter 2:4-12
January 8, 2023

Have you ever tripped over something in the dark?
Everyone who lives in the darkness stumbles.
Everyone who belongs to God has been called out of darkness into His wonderful light.
I am tempted to avoid the light because it reveals that there are things wrong with me that I cannot fix.
The things that are wrong with me do not prevent God from loving me.
God showed His love for us by redeeming everything that is wrong with us.
I receive God’s love by believing and obeying His message.
The pressure of this world is to remain in the darkness.
Sinful desires war against my soul.
When I believe and obey God’s message it changes me.
Are you living in the light?


“Preparing for the New Season”
Colossians 3:1-17
January 1, 2023

During my lifetime there have been a number of ministries that have grown in size and influence by teaching the opposite of what Paul wrote in Colossians 3:1-17.
During the last 25 years of my life people who watch the church from the outside have been raising alarms that something is terribly wrong within the church.
What we do and say is the fruit of what our hearts and minds are set upon.
The fruit changes when our hearts and minds are set on things above.
We can set our hearts and minds on things above because God chose us to be His people.
Jesus is our Redeemer, He atoned for our sins.
Jesus has given us the opportunity to repent and be forgiven.
God has called His people to make preparations to go with Jesus.
God requires everyone in heaven to have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, love, unity, peace, spiritual songs, gratitude and deeds done in the name of Jesus.
Are you one of the few that will make the changes necessary to appear with Jesus when He returns?