Reopening Guidelines

If you do not feel well or if you are coughing and sneezing please do not attend the church service.

Hand sanitizer is available on a table inside of each south door.

Greetings during worship have been suspended until further notice.

Social distancing is a requirement. People from the same household may be close together. People from different households are required to stay a minimum of 6 feet away from each other.

Do not touch things belonging to others or hand things to people from other households.

The wearing of masks is not required but it is strongly encouraged.

Please do not get up and move around or touch surfaces unless it is absolutely necessary.

Much of the church will be closed or covered with plastic. Please do not go into closed areas or remove the covers.

The bathrooms will be open for use.

Please enter and exit through the two south doors. The north door will remain closed and locked.

Whenever possible doors will be propped open so people may enter and exit without touching the same surfaces.

The church will be disinfecting the bathrooms and exposed surfaces in open areas before each service.

Anyone who becomes ill or shows signs of a fever while in the church building will be moved to an isolation area. Medical services will be called.

There will be an offering basket in the back of the church. We will not be collecting an offering as part of the worship service.